When renewing your mortgage, it is likely that the current lending institution you do business with will offer you a rate that is not the best one available in the marketplace. You are in a strong bargaining position, and by using Verico Complete Mortgage Services you can obtain a rate and product that suits you and your situation.

Too many individuals do not contact a mortgage specialist to discuss their mortgage goals and options prior to their mortgage maturity. This is what your current lender is banking on. Your currently lender will most likely contact you 14-30 days before your mortgage maturity and will present you with a mortgage rate that may not be in your best interest.

Over 70% of mortgage holders just sign their current lender’s renewal form and the usual result is a higher rate and product that no longer fits their financial situation and goals. There are so many choices in today’s market: let us find you the best solution for your needs. Contact a Verico Complete Mortgage Specialist (Link this to our online application link that is sent to our main office) 3 months before your mortgage maturity to ensure you renew with the best mortgage terms and rate for you.